Experience the Winter Delights at Chateau de La Chapelle.

At Chateau de La Chapelle in the Ardennes, we believe in bringing the heart of the season to your plate, and our new menu for the wild autumn-winter season is a testament to the farm-to-plate principle. As the leaves turn gold and the air grows crisp, our chef Jürgen van Riet is dedicated to craft an exceptional dining experience that showcases the finest ingredients from our local farmers and foragers.

Winter by Jürgen Van Riet

Tableside homestead Oils
“A Dash of Freshness”
Our Basil Oil and Mint Oil pairings are handcrafted with herbs from our very own garden, adding a touch of brightness to your dishes.


+ St. Jaques de la Savoy +
Scallop – Savoy – Potato – Oil of green curry

Delicately seared scallops served with a bed of finely shredded Savoy cabbage and creamy potato drizzled with a tantalizing oil infused with the exotic flavours of green curry.


+ A Soup a Day +
Foamy cauliflower soup – Artichoke base – Cauliflower rice

A velvety cauliflower soup, topped with a light foam, nestled on an artichoke base, and accompanied by delicate cauliflower rice, creating a harmonious blend of textures & flavors.


+++ Dashi Lobster +++
Tail of Eastern Schelde lobster – Scorzonera – Sea banana – Dashi – Lime

Succulent Eastern Schelde lobster tail paired with scorzonera, sea banana, and a flavorful dashi broth, finished with a hint of lime to elevate the dish to a symphony of maritime tastes.


++ Braised Veal Harmony ++
Veal cheek – Espuma celeriac – Caramelised and pickled pearl onion

Slow-cooked veal cheek complemented by a velvety celeriac foam, accompanied by the contrasting sweetness of caramelized and pickled pearl onions,
creating a rich and nuanced flavour profile.


+++ Funky Fusion Quacker +++
Lacquered duck breast – Crumble of beetroot and sesame – Hokkaido pumpkin – Adji cress

Tender lacquered duck breast adorned with a crumble of beetroot and sesame, served alongside Hokkaido pumpkin and finished with the peppery notes of Adji cress, delivering a delightful fusion of textures and tastes.


+ Buckthorn Panna Cotta Euphoria +
Panna cotta – Mandarin – Sea buckthorn berry creme

Pomegranate creme – Merengue – Pear sorbet – Melissa cress

Indulge in a delectable medley of flavours with a silky panna cotta paired with vibrant mandarin, sea buckthorn berry creme, luscious pomegranate creme, airy meringue, refreshing pear sorbet, and a hint of Melissa cress for a truly memorable dessert experience.l.


* The Chef’s Artisan Cheese Selection *
 local cheese selection du Condroz by the chef


Coffee Companions
For the grand finale, don’t miss our Cinnamon Truffle with White Chocolate and Cinnamon, Coffee Truffle with Dark Chocolate and Aniseed, and Orange Truffle with Dark Chocolate and Cocoa. These homemade luxurious truffles will transport your taste buds to pure indulgence.

we’re proud to support local farmers and the farm-to-plate principle,
ensuring that every dish on our menu is a celebration of the seasons and the land. Join us this autumn-winter season and embark on a culinary journey like no other.
Reservations are filling up quickly,
so book your table today to savour the best of the Ardennes at Chateau de La Chapelle.

+ 4-course +


++ 5-course ++


+++ 6-course +++


* extra course “le fromage local” *  


wine pairing 6-course


wine pairing 5-course


wine pairing 4-course


* wine pairing addition per course *

In case of any food allergies or 
dietary restrictions please inform our staff


We are happy to make exceptions for groups of 10 or more persons on our closing days. Contact us for information or reservations by mail or phone.

monday till thursday: closed
friday: lunch 12:30 – 14:30 | dinner 18:00 – 22:30
saturday: lunch 12:30 – 14:30 | dinner 18:30 – 22:30
sunday: lunch 13:00 – 15:00 | dinner 18:30 – 22:30

we advise making a reservation via the reservations button
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at La Chapelle, we love to work with fresh products and therefore
depend on the market supply. we apologize in case of unavailability of certain ingredients
we send love to our suppliers jardin d’antan, ferme tabruex, la ferme requir, l’avouerie.

Note: During culinary weekend events
we only serve the menu presented on that weekend.

Restaurant Chateau de la Chapelle’s head chef is Jürgen Van Riet
His culinary talents expand past those of a usual chef, staying calm and focused.
With a passion for working with fresh seasonal products from local producers and suppliers. He cooks dishes that satisfy his guest’s palates and at the same time fulfill his creative need. Being talented and passionate, Jürgen loves to work with the seasons and combine worldly flavors with local products to bring classical dishes in his own unique style.
Always eager to learn and experiment to create the perfect menu.

Jürgen Van Riet serves a gastronomic dining experience,
accompanied by a wine pairing arrangement consisting of beautiful traditional, bio, and natural wine selections alongside continental classics from the centuries-old cellar.

“It is no secret that food brings people together. Just preparing and enjoying it forges friendships and strengthens bonds.
When we sit together at a table or around the campfire, listening to stories and enjoying the beautiful surroundings, and the stars, the power of nature proves it’s stronger than us as individuals. It is that feeling that we want to bring and share”