Wine Cellar

Our mission is to offer our guests the option to taste some rare unique wines next to rooted classics by working with some of Europe’s finest and best wineries, selectors and sommeliers. Always in order to serve you the intricacies of fine wine. We love working with wineries that have a passion for bio and organic or know how to treat their grapes and soil.

Discover the excellent wines and their variety in our 14th century wine cave including vintage, bio dynamic & sparkling wines and also high-quality rarities from France, Italy, Portugal and Spain. We also stock a large selection of Belgium quality wines. red, orange, pink or white, our wine cellar has the know-how you want. Tucked away in steal, wood and stone, the wine bottles are assorted by our in house wine selector, stored in our natural underground cellar ensuring you always enjoy our wines at their best. We are proud partner of vino steel with who we together modernised our wine cellar to today’s standards.

Visit our castles wine cellar or sign up for the weekly wine tastings based on the “recommendations of our sommelier”