Château de la Chapelle wouldn’t be possible without the right partners.

Oak log tables with deco sticks and oak chairs. It’s all possible with Houtambacht. Even 5 meters long. Your event, garden party, wedding, communion, or B2B event will get an authentic rural character with the furniture of the Oak Tribal Table.

Organic-concept understands that every tent they put up, every wooden floor they install, and every light they hang and then turn on are the backdrop to your most beautiful memories. It is a big responsibility that Organic-Concept takes on with pleasure. Their working method is therefore a step-by-step process of personal service and professionalism. Always with an eye for detail.

The taps and showers specialist Hansgrohe is a company with a tradition. Founder Hans Grohe started small in 1901 with a metal printing shop in Schiltach in the Black Forest. The company’s creative center and headquarters are still located there. But the hansgrohe brand that was created by “clever Hans” is now world-famous. Its products are used and appreciated all over the world.

Since its foundation in 1899, the motto has been ‘immer besser’. This means: ‘making better and better products’. True to this philosophy, Miele produces products of an almost proverbial high quality. For our customers, this means the reassuring certainty that they are bringing the best household appliances into their homes. This is what makes Miele unique. Miele chooses you for life.